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Great AWD traction and handling in all weather conditions. Reasonable ride and good comfort but could be quieter. Very reliable, safe, and easy to maintain. Dealer service excellent (provided Frank doesn't leave). Decent size trunk. Nice sound system....

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Subaru Legacy GT performs stealthily
Subaru Legacy GT performs stealthily
...Subaru's Legacy is a compact car that has been around for years, has its fans and loyal owners and yet never generates a big buzz. But it should. Competing amid a sea of small- to medium-sized autos, the Legacy differentiates itself with its standard all-wheel drive. It's also one of the few in the...

Subaru Legacy GT blends performance, safety and comfort
...Driving through downtown Anchorage a couple of years ago I came to the conclusion that the state car of Alaska must be the Subaru. You??d expect to see Jeeps and Hummers in a land where the sun only comes out five hours a day in the winter, and there are a few. But in the few cities of Alaska, the...

Subaru Legacy 3.0R spec B Sports Tourer
Subaru Legacy 3.0R spec B Sports Tourer
...TODAY??S estate car has come a long way from those early days of being virtually a van with rear seats and windows. Some car makers have even christened their load luggers with individual names, the likes of BMW, Audi, Alfa Romeo and Renault neatly side-stepping the use of station wagon and...

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used and abused / karsten Portales,NM
used and abused
i bought this thing with 197,065 miles on it. about a month and a half later (and between driving from school and home 4 hours away and being a delivery driver) it now has 200,287 miles on it. I know that whenever i need to get somewhere this car will not let me down...

Legacy Review / David, Auckland, NZ
Legacy Review
Bloody fast car!! First gear is a tad short though but still gives crazy acceleration.
Pulled into a 2 lane on-ramp for the motor way and was beside a single turbo WRX driven by a maori (lol) and he tried to drag me. I floored it in third gear and he was pulling away slightly but his turbo was maxing out. By that time my second turbo engaged and off I flew past him beating him to the merging lane :D...

GT Wagon (Manual / Fraser, NZ
GT Wagon (Manual
My legacy has the turbos from the 99 B4, boosting quite high (10 on primary, 17 on secondary - standard is 4 on primary and 8 on secondary from memory)

I get 20km per litre (of 98 octane) round town driving, I'm not overly heavy footed, but not the lightest.

Overall, a great car, wouldn't trade for anything!...

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