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1993 subaru legacy 1993 subaru legacy
1993 subaru legacy  
    1993 Subaru Legacy Review, James Warren, From Broken Arr

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Legacy L

 ModelLegacy L
 What things have gone wrong with the car?None to think of.
 General comments?Great vehicle. Runs great and the engine is solid. Engine has no leaks (just the usual seepage) and still starts like it's new. Did have an issue with the engine light coming on when it was cold, however since using the Premium gasoline it has gone off and hasn't returned. It handles well for the size car. Will handle better with aftermarket wheels (next big purchase for this car). No real problems since buying in April of 1993 with 5 miles on the odometer. The only major problems to date, and after 130,000 miles, are the front half shafts. The CV joints on the front half shafts have both gone out within a year of each other. If yours does, don't use Subaru parts. I did and the replacement went out a year later. Went to an aftermarket dealer and they replaced them for under $200 (each) installed. These come with a lifetime warranty as well. Very satisfied with this vehicle and very confident it will last another 100,000 miles, easy.
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Review 1993 Subaru Legacy James Warren, From Broken Arr
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