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1993 subaru legacy 1993 subaru legacy
1993 subaru legacy  
    1993 Subaru Legacy Review, Michael, From Colorado, US

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Subaru Legacy L AWD Sdn

 ModelSubaru Legacy L AWD Sdn
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Underpowered mid-range engine response for passing manuevers on mountain roads. Slight issues with rust (esp. chrome exhaust extenders). Bland styling. Price-gouging by local dealers for scheduled maintenance (e.g. $300 for nothing more than "visual inspections")
 General comments?Excellent handling and reliability characteristics--couldn't have asked for better. AWD and ABS works as advertised in adverse weather conditions. I've never had such a trouble-free car--just normal wear and tear-related maintenance. Interior
 Previous carNo comparison vs. the closest competitor at the time: Audi A4 Quattro was nearly 2x the cost and proved to be much less reliable and more expensive to maintain. Currently examining potential replacements after 8yrs: Legacy GT Ltd, Outback Ltd H6 VDC, BMW

Review 1993 Subaru Legacy Michael, From Colorado, US
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