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1993 subaru legacy 1993 subaru legacy
1993 subaru legacy  
    1993 Subaru Legacy Review, Nathan, From Seattle

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Subaru Legacy

 ModelSubaru Legacy
 What things have gone wrong with the car?We have put over 100k on ours with very few problems. Compared to all new cars it is very easy to work on(engine can be removed in under 2 hours). There are some common subaru problems with the 2.2. Water pump will eventually leak and is the one difficult part to replace. Like most small 4 cylinders the timing belt needs to be replaced fairly often, but it isn't extremely difficult. Watch the cv boots, if one rips replace it, it is a little work to remove a shaft but you can replace a boot for about $5 versus 120 for a rebuilt shaft. I have heard the auto trans are expensive to rebuild but show me a car that isn't, ours has the original at 160000mi. with no signs of problems. The only nagging problem has just showed up, the engine is hesitating(missing)on the freeway when climbing hills. It is infrequent but still annoying. Web searches have showed me reports of similar probs in older cars and say you can fix it with a new ECU and engine knock sensors, but it's not a guaranteed fix, I'll live with it until it gets too bad. BTW get a good aftermarket manual for the car and try to do as many repairs as possible yourself, it's not that hard and saves tons of money.
 General comments?Anyone who has heard the reports of the "old Subaru's" with their weak engines and semi cheap contruction needs to check out the new sub's. The cars are probably one of the most reliable out there, probably even comparable to honda's. The AWD cannot be beat, trust me. They get better fuel economy than any SUV built and insurance generally costs 1
 Previous carhonda accord(not awd, doesn't even compare except better gas mileage),Eagle talon tsi-awd system is copied after subaru and does great, power is awesome, gas mileage is poor when driven anything besides like a grandma. Car is way too small unless you don'

Review 1993 Subaru Legacy Nathan, From Seattle
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