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1993 subaru legacy 1993 subaru legacy
1993 subaru legacy  
    1993 Subaru Legacy Review, Rusty, From Portland, Oregon

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?For me, this Legacy "Touring" Wagon has been perfect and problem free. Thanks Subaru.
 General comments?If you can "find" one, BUY it, don't think about it, JUST DO IT !! Subaru was "Light Years" ahead of the competition when they offered the Legacy "Touring" Sedan & Wagon in 1993, but "Blundered Miserably" when it was discontinued after 1994. In my humble opinion, whoever had THAT "brain fart" should have been fired on the spot (before implimintation), with forfiture of ALL benefits & pension. I simply CAN'T say enough good things about this car. IT IS the "Diamond in the rough", the "Oasis in the desert". If I had known then what I know now, I would have bought two...say-la-vee! And all I do is regular maintenance (ie, regular fluid changes, tire rotation, scheduled check-ups, wash & wax, etc.), nothing special. What an incredible car. I often joke with my friends by telling them that "this is the car I'm going to be buried in". Like one other person said, "if and when I buy another car, it will be parked in the garage NEXT TO my SUBARU". Anybody know of a 1993 or '94 Subaru Legacy "Touring" Wagon (factory tourbocharged) For Sale? Hhhmmmm? This is a "10" star car. If you're young or old, male or female, single or married, with or without children, this "would have" been the perfect car for you. Please excuse the "past tense", but THESE cars are almost impossible to find. Once owned, they're (almost) never sold. Good Luck!
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Review 1993 Subaru Legacy Rusty, From Portland, Oregon
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